East Idaho Takes Care Of East Idaho

Idaho Falls Citizens We Can Help:  This page is for Idaho Falls area residents who like to make a difference in the community.  If you want to help, click this link, join the Facebook group and stay involved with your community.

On Thursday morning, an Idaho Falls family watched as everything they own went up in flames.

Lindsey Adams, her 5-year-old son Shawn, 3-year-old daughter Alyssa, and her boyfriend Curtis Sermon looked on in disbelief as their Bingham Avenue home was gutted by fire.

Now they need clothes for Curtis and Lindsay.  Gift certificates at Cal ranch and the mall are recommended.

They also need beds for all of them, bedding and pillows, and dressers, TVs, DVD, movies, kitchen table and chairs. They can use gift cards even checks and cash can be left at Healing Hands Reiki and Massage, 429 B Street  Idaho Falls,


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