7 Gifts For The Guy Who Has Everything

7 Gifts For The Guy Who Has Everything

Father’s Day is this Sunday. What gifts can you give the guy who already has everything?

Here’s what Mike says:

1. Get him something to keep it in. Organizational systems like a wooden jewelry box for all his watches. A Bully Barn for his outdoor toys. Shelving for his collections. Even an external hard drive for all his mp3s and movies.

2. Get him something to maintain it. Does he have a brand new car? Buy him a gift card for a touchless car wash. A multiple item charging station for all his electronics. Some batteries. Lots of possessions to maintain means he can use cleaners, microfiber cloths, mini screwdriver set, hand vac, etc.

3. Get him something to compliment it. Accessorize. How many times have you purchased something and realized you had to buy something else so you could fully appreciate it? Get accessories for his car, computer, gaming system, phone, boat, grill, shop, office…

4. Get him something for his health.  Nothing says you care about someone more than helping them improve their health. A gym membership, a bike, a year’s supply of vitamins, or simply make him a healthy meal.  Make it easy for him to be more healthy.

5. Give him the gift of time.  Volunteer to take a task off his hands so he can go do what he really wants.  Reassure him that this is okay, that he won’t have to make up for it later, and force him to go enjoy himself.

6. Get him an experience. Whether it’s snowboarding, white water rafting, a lesson flying a plane, scuba diving, indoor go-carts, paint ball, tickets to his favorite event, a weekend away, he’ll appreciate the experience.

7. Pay for something he already does. A man’s gotta eat, doesn’t he? Buy him a gift card to his favorite restaurant. Gas card, roll of quarters for the parking meter, magazine subscription, gym membership… so he can use his money to buy himself more of everything!

Do you have more ideas?  Share them with us here.


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