Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Airing Dirty Laundry

Dear Mike & Liza,
My wife insists on doing the laundry. She makes a big deal out of it. No one is allowed in her laundry room. The problem is, she’s bad at it. She doesn’t take things out of the dryer when the buzzer sounds, everything is wrinkled, and I don’t like the way she folds things.
I’ve discussed it with her many times and she is adament that the laundry is her territory. I think I’m going to start sneaking my clothes out of the house and spending my lunch hour at the laundromat.
She acts like a 50’s housewife that has failed in some way if she gives up this chore.
I still love her, I just want some clean t-shirts and socks.
Alan, Idaho Falls



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