Name: Paul
Age: 7
Shoe Size: 12
Needs: snow boots, snow pants
Wants: Goosebumps books, RC truck

Do you wish to adopt this angel?

Once you submit your information you cannot change it, please take a moment to double check that everything is entered correctly. Thank you.

Important: By adopting, you agree to purchase the items on their list, and deliver the new, unwrapped gifts as soon as you can - and no later than December 11th - to our studios in Idaho Falls or the Salvation Army in Pocatello:

Idaho Falls: 8a-5p - 400 West Sunnyside (208) 523-3722
Pocatello: 9a-4p - 400 North 4th Ave. (208) 232-5318

Please PRINT this page and ATTACH it to your gifts when you deliver them.

The deadline ensures the Salvation Army is able to distribute the gifts in time for Christmas.

Thanks again for your kindness and generosity. Merry Christmas!


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