Are You Taking Enough Vacation


A recent study by the Cen­ter for Eco­nomic and Pol­icy Research found that the U.S. is the only coun­try out of 21 eco­nom­i­cally advanced nations to not have man­dated paid vaca­tion time. Though many busi­nesses vol­un­tar­ily offer paid vaca­tion time to employ­ees, they found that about one in four U.S. work­ers has none. Other findings:
• Euro­pean coun­tries require pri­vate com­pa­nies to give at least 20 days of paid vaca­tion per year, with legal require­ments of 25 and even 30 or more days in some countries.
• Aus­tralia and New Zealand both require employ­ers to grant at least 20 vaca­tion days per year. Canada and Japan man­date at least 10 paid days off.
• Most of the rest of the world’s rich coun­tries offer at least six paid hol­i­days per year.
• The aver­age worker in the pri­vate sec­tor in the U.S. receives only about 10 days of paid vaca­tion and about six paid hol­i­days per year – less than the min­i­mum legal stan­dard set in the rest of world’s rich economies exclud­ing Japan.
• Sev­eral for­eign coun­tries offer addi­tional time off for younger and older work­ers, shift work­ers and those engaged in com­mu­nity ser­vice, includ­ing jury duty.
• Five coun­tries even man­date employ­ers pay vaca­tion­ing work­ers a small pre­mium above their stan­dard pay in order to help pay for vacation-related expenses.


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