The sep­a­ra­tion from a beloved furry friend who dies can be too much for some pet lovers.

Some own­ers may opt to have their much-missed ani­mal buddy stuffed and mounted to main­tain that com­pan­ion­ship so famil­iar around the home, rather than the more con­ven­tional approach of hav­ing their cher­ished chum cre­mated or bury­ing them in the back garden.

But it seems unlikely that many would choose the approach taken by one Dutch­man – and trans­form their passed away pet into a hybrid heli­copter cyborg.

That was the unusual ulti­mate fate of cat Orville, named after avi­a­tor Orville Wright, after he was run over by a car.

Artist Bart Jansen decided to pay trib­ute to his pussy pal by turn­ing him into a piece of art­work, a moggy chopper.

Orville was stuffed before Jansen turned to radio con­trol heli­copter flyer Arjen Belt­man, who con­structed a specially-designed fly­ing mech­a­nism to attach to the cat.

Named the Orvil­le­copter, the unique piece is now on dis­play at the Kun­strai art fes­ti­val in Amsterdam.

Describ­ing the con­trap­tion as “half cat, half machine”, Jansen insisted the use of the cat’s remains was respect­ful and hon­oured a life well lived.

After a period of mourn­ing he received his pro­pellers posthu­mously,” said the artist.

Adding that Orville will soon be “fly­ing with the birds”, Jansen said: “Oh how he loved birds.

He will receive more pow­er­ful engines and larger props for his birth­day. So this hop­ping will soon change into steady flight.”

If Orville had been trans­formed into a plane instead, would he have cre­ated a “meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow” sound while fly­ing overhead?


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