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Mike & Liza's Family Feud: Is It Okay To Be Out Of Touch

Dear Mike & Liza, My sister is angry with me for not immediately answering texts, calls or Facebook messages on my cell phone. Sometimes I put my phone on the charger in the kitchen, and I don’t hear it if I’m in another part of the house. Sometimes I go out and leave the phone […]



Childhood Activities To Relieve Adult Stress

See those kids playing kickball in the park? Elite Daily thinks you should ask to join in the fun, as the website has come up with a list of 10 things we did when we were kids that can help us de-stress as adults. They are: Drink less coffee and more juice. Break out the […]



Is It Ever Ok To Wear Cargo Shorts

Is it ever ok to wear cargo shorts? Suddenly cargo shorts are being compared to sandals with socks, and … gasp … fanny packs. What do you think? Do you hate a man in cargo shorts? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.



Pretaste A Meal On Your Phone Before You Order It

There seems to be an app these days for everything! Open Table is an app that allows you to find restaurants and make reservations, see menus and more. Open Table has finally done something amazing! The technology that has far surpassed my expectations! Watch this video about the new feature… Lickable Photos! . . . […]



Leave Your Leftovers For Someone Who Needs Them

How many times do you leave a restaurant with a “doggy bag” full of leftovers? I know it happens to me more often than not. I also know those leftovers more often than not get forgotten in the car or fridge… Why not share them with someone less fortunate than you. Pappadavada, a restaurant in […]



Mike & Liza's Family Feud: Lawn Care Quarrel

Dear Mike & Liza, We recently bought a house and my husband wants to take care of our lawn himself. That means we’ll need to buy a mower, trimmer, broadcast spreader and all the gear that people need to take care of their lawn. I say we just stick with the service. It costs about […]



What Made You Gain Weight

What made you gain weight? Wentworth Miller just addressed a mean meme created about his weight, by being incredibly open and honest. We want to know, what made you gain weight? Depression, loss, illness, babies, cupcakes? Read what Wentworth Miller had to say about his weight gain and tell us what you would say caused […]



What Would You Have In Your House If You Were Rich

What would you have in your home if you were rich? A new survey says people long for refrigerators that are paneled to look like cabinets and radiant heated floors. What would you put in your home if money were no object? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.  



The Most Popular Fictional Characters From Every State

I love maps like these! It’s no surprise that Napoleon Dynamite is the fictional character from Idaho… Are there any others you can think of that would work?



Your Kids Are Drinking Too Much Sugar

What healthy alternative to juice do you give your kids to drink? Many fruit drinks and juices marketed specifically to children give them a whopping full day’s worth of sugar in a single serving, according to a new British study published in the online journal BMJ Open. “Unfortunately, our research shows that parents have been misled,” […]