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Mike & Liza's Family Feud: Who'll Score The Kids For The Super Bowl

Dear Mike & Liza, My ex-husband and I share 50/50 custody of our children. When I picked them up for their time with me, they told me Dads girlfriend had invited them to a Super Bowl party at her house this weekend, but their dad won’t be there. He’s going to be out of town. […]



Are Dog Owners Happier Than Cat Owners

Are dog owners happier than cat owners? A new study  concludes that dog owners are happier, more outgoing and “less neurotic” than cat owners. What do you think? Are dog owners happier than cat owners? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.



Posting Selfies Is Bad For Your Relationship

Do you post a lot of selfies? A new study says it could be hurting your relationship. This New York Post article says “People with higher levels of body-positivity tend to upload more images to ­Instagram, but that confidence can come at the cost of romantic conflict. And those who rely on the pouty pics […]



Poll Question: Is It Ok To Use The Handicapped Stall

We all know it’s wrong for able bodied people to use the handicapped parking spots. Is it wrong for them to use the handicapped stall in public restrooms? Tell us what you think here and 6:45 Monday morning.



Did You Destroy Your Credit Before You Turned 30

A new study from Credit Karma shows that a whopping 68 percent of adults in the U.S. manage to ruin their credit ratings before they turn 30. The survey finds that the most common credit-destroying mistakes include missing payments, defaulting on a loan, overspending on their credit cards, and having a credit account sent to […]



Mike & Liza's Family Feud: Is He Really Reading

Dear Mike & Liza, My husband describes himself as a “voracious reader.” He’s always telling people about the books he’s read. Everything from the biography of Benjamin Franklin to the latest John Grisham mystery. But the truth is, he doesn’t “read” at all. He listens to audio books on his drive to and from the […]



How Do Fight Off The Winter Blues

What do you do when you have the winter blues? Liza says it’s been way too long since she’s seen the sun, and she’s feeling pretty low. How do you combat Seasonal Affective Disorder? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.



Have You Ever Just Flipped Out

Have you ever just flipped out? We’ve all had a day that pushes us to the brink. Have you ever completely lost your cool? Tell us what happened, and be sure to hear about Liza’s friend who had a little mental meltdown in the drive through line at a fast food place. Tell us about your […]



Mike & Liza's Family Feud: She's A Party Pooper

Dear Mike & Liza, I don’t understand my wife. She says she wants to go out to dinner, or to a movie or to a party. She marks it on the calendar. She talks about what she’s going to wear. She reminds me that we have plans. And then, on the day of the event, […]



Do You Take Your Vacation Days

Do you take your vacation days? 41% of American workers took zero vacation days in 2015. We think that’s just wrong! You’re not a better employee when you don’t take a vacation. Studies show that when we take a break and come back to work rejuvenated and refreshed, we’re better at our jobs. Do you […]