Crafting: Is It Worth It


This glit­ter pump­kin is made of plas­tic.                                               This glit­ter pump­kin is real.

It cost $7.97 and took about 5 min­utes to buy.                              It cost about $65 and took 4 hours to make.


If you have a craft room and sup­plies and love find­ing projects on Pin­ter­est, then craft­ing some­thing your­self might be worth it.  As for Liza, she had to buy paints and brushes and glue and tape.  She had to find some scis­sors that the chil­dren hadn’t ruined.  It took her 30 min­utes to find the rib­bon she liked and she went to 3 dif­fer­ent stores just try­ing to buy black thumb tacks.

And in the end, the over­whelm­ing major­ity said they thought the plas­tic pump­kin was pret­tier.  Read the com­ments here.

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