Does Housework Count As Exercise



Does house­work count as exercise?

A depress­ing new study finds that you should not count house­work as exer­cise. In fact, peo­ple tend to over­es­ti­mate how active they actu­ally are when doing domes­tic chores like clean­ing and gar­den­ing, and shouldn’t think they count toward their 150-minute weekly totals of mod­er­ate to vig­or­ous exer­cise. It gets worse: Peo­ple who count house­work in their weekly exer­cise tally are heav­ier than peo­ple who chose other forms of exer­cise. It comes down to the fact that your calo­rie burn doing house­work pales in com­par­i­son to activ­i­ties such as cycling or run­ning. Thirty min­utes of vac­u­um­ing burns 130 calo­ries; 30 min­utes of cycling on a sta­tion­ary bike burns 400 calories.

Is this study miss­ing some­thing?  What do you think, does house­work count as exercise?


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