Dog Takes Bullet For Owner

Dog takes bullet for owner

Lefty the pit bull took a bul­let for it’s owner after a home inva­sion threat­ens the fam­ily.  Four intrud­ers broke into a home and fired at the father, Lefty jumped in front of the owner and took the bul­let for him.  The story gets bet­ter, the fam­ily could not afford the vet bills for their fear­less friend.  The fam­ily shared the story on face­book and the money was raised inside a week to help pay for the dogs ampu­ta­tion.  Lefty and her fam­ily are doing fine.  What is the most amaz­ing thing an ani­mal has ever done for you?

Lefty The Pit Bull Takes Bul­let For Owner; Com­mu­nity Raises Money For Amputation


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