Favorite April Fools' Pranks


What’s your favorite April Fools’ Day prank?

Here are a couple ways to trick your kids.  Does your family get into April Fools’ Day?

  • Yuck. Sprinkle a little salt on your kid’s toothbrushes the night before.
  • Where Am I? If your kids are heavy sleepers, put them in a different bed once they are asleep.  Imagine their surprise waking up in the wrong bed the next morning.
  • A blue cow? Tint your milk jug with food coloring the night before and serve your kid their breakfast with a colorful new addition.
  • Where’s my Rice Krispies? Switch bagged cereal within their boxes and see how long it takes for your kids to find their favorite.
  • EEK! Buy realistic toy flies, spiders, etc and hid them in your kids’ lunches.
  • What a mess! TP your kids room as they sleep.  Make sure to have the camera ready when they wake up.
  • Goedemorgen! Change the language on your kids’ smart devices to a different one.  Make sure you know who to change it back though.
  • OUCH! Stuff a little toilet paper in the ends of their shoes and watch them think their feet grew overnight.
  • Turn your house upside down!  Turn photos, toys, and furniture, anything that works, upside down the night before.
  • For Sale?? Put a for sale sign up in your yard the night before.  Try to get one with a MLS box and print flyers that say “April Fools!”  Watch your neighbors go crazy.


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