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Dihydrogen Monoxide: AKA Water

Some esti­mates put the water con­tent of the human body as high as 80%. That’s pretty wet. Water is a vital com­po­nent of almost every bod­ily func­tion, from cir­cu­la­tion to proper diges­tion. Water reg­u­lates our body tem­per­a­tures and keeps us from over­heat­ing or freez­ing in intense tem­per­a­tures. All in all, water is an extremely useful […]



Whittling Down Your Appetite

One of the major chal­lenges involved in los­ing weight is learn­ing to con­trol urges to eat. Crav­ings can hit at any time, and can be really per­sua­sive. It’s there­fore nec­es­sary to learn to decrease your appetite and man­age those crav­ings. Here are a few tips that may prove help­ful: Brush your teeth or use mouthwash. […]




The Vegan Way

Veg­an­ism can be con­sid­er­ably health­ier than a nor­mal diet. In 1996, the Amer­i­can Dietetic Asso­ci­a­tion con­cluded that a Vegan lifestyle may sig­nif­i­cantly reduce risk of heart dis­ease, colon and lung can­cer, osteo­poro­sis, dia­betes, kid­ney dis­ease, hyper­ten­sion, and obe­sity. This new way of life evolved from the same con­cept behind veg­e­tar­i­an­ism. Veg­ans choose to stay away […]



This is Bananas

When you think of bananas you usu­ally think of bananas splits, shakes, and banana bread. How­ever, these magic fruits are more than just a tasty part of a dessert dish. Bananas are actu­ally full of needed vit­a­mins, fiber, and potas­sium. What does this do for us? Increases Car­dio­vas­cu­lar Health Potas­sium hap­pens to be an essen­tial mineral […]



Gluten Intolerance and Healthy Food Choices

Gluten intol­er­ance is a con­di­tion that arises when a person’s body can’t prop­erly digest the pro­tein gluten. This can cause the per­son to expe­ri­ence an autoim­mune reac­tion called Celiac dis­ease, which leads to mal­ab­sorp­tion of nutri­ents. When a per­son with Celiac dis­ease ingests gluten, their immune sys­tem reacts by attack­ing the villi (respon­si­ble for nutrient […]



Cutting Down Portion Size

When it comes to los­ing weight or avoid­ing seri­ous med­ical con­di­tions like dia­betes or heart dis­ease, mon­i­tor­ing what you eat doesn’t quite cut it. You also need to track how much you eat, and that means watch­ing your por­tion sizes. Over the years, por­tion sizes have bal­looned, and we’ve lost track of how much food we’re […]



About Fish Oil

Over the past cou­ple of decades, fish oil has become a magic bul­let that pro­tects the body from all man­ner of med­ical con­di­tions. Reports have hailed fish oil as a bar­rier against every­thing from heart dis­ease to brain and cog­ni­tive issues. Recently, though, other stud­ies have shown fish oil to be of lit­tle to no […]



Feed Your Head

Your diet affects every­thing going on in your body. It affects how you feel. It affects how well you move around. It even affects how well your brain works. There­fore, it stands to rea­son that if you eat the right things, your brain will func­tion more effi­ciently. Here are a few foods that go right […]