Rest & Relaxation





Becoming Your Own Masseuse

Mas­sages are a won­der­ful thing if you are sore, achy, or have tight mus­cles. Mas­sages also help reduce stress and anx­i­ety. If you don’t have the time or want to spend the money for a trip to a masseuse, you can give your­self a relax­ing mas­sage and enjoy the same ben­e­fits. Here are 10 tips […]




All About Sleep Position

Did you know that how you sleep can tell a lot about your per­son­al­ity? Peo­ple who sleep on their side with knees pulled up are sen­si­tive and shy. Those who sprawl out on their stom­achs are out­go­ing. Those who sleep on their side with legs and arms straight down are social and easy-going. Now these […]




About PTSD

When peo­ple usu­ally think of PTSD (Post Trau­matic Stress Dis­or­der), they might think of sol­diers hav­ing men­tal prob­lems when they return from war. While there is truth in that idea, PTSD affects more than just sol­diers. Here is some infor­ma­tion about it. PTSD can hap­pen to any­one that has a trau­matic expe­ri­ence, such as rape, abuse, […]




Reading and a Healthy Life

Your brain is like a mus­cle. It needs to be reg­u­larly exer­cised to main­tain its top capa­bil­i­ties. Keep­ing your brain healthy is a key to hav­ing a healthy life. There are a num­ber of ways to give your brain a work­out: cross­words, jig­saw puz­zles, etc. Read­ing is another great way buff up your brain and […]



Accentuate the Positive

Do you remem­ber Eey­ore, Win­nie the Pooh’s depressed, gloomy don­key buddy? He was the one who was always star­ing at his feet, say­ing things like “Thanks for noticin’ me”. He was one glum don­key. Now imag­ine if he wasn’t stuffed with saw­dust and had to deal with health prob­lems and other per­sonal cri­sis. How long […]



The Sleep Institute Sleep Issues Checklist

You may be expe­ri­enc­ing a sleep dis­or­der if you suf­fer from any of the fol­low­ing con­di­tions: Trou­ble pay­ing atten­tion or con­cen­trat­ing Drift­ing of to sleep while dri­ving Dif­fi­culty per­form­ing at work or school Per­sis­tent lapses in mem­ory A need to nap almost every day Dulled reflexes, slowed reac­tion time Nod­ding off while inac­tive Inabil­ity to bri­dle your […]