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Want To Try PiYo

What is PiYo and why is every­one talk­ing about it? PiYo (or Yogalates) is a type of exer­cise that is a blend of Pilates and Yoga. The Pilates part strength­ens and tones the body, while the Yoga part pro­motes mind­ful­ness and relax­ation. As such, PiYo pro­vides a total mind-body work­out. Come try PiYo, with me, for […]



Why Practice Martial Arts?

There are many ways for you to try to whip your body into shape, but let’s be hon­est: A lot of them are pretty bor­ing. Run­ning, rid­ing a bike, and weight lift­ing all have phys­i­cal and men­tal ben­e­fits but all of them also run the pos­si­bil­ity of spi­ral­ing off into monot­ony. With many moves to […]



Can You Touch Your Toes?

Whoops! You dropped your pen­cil. Can you reach it? No? It seems that you need some flex­i­bil­ity train­ing. Your range flex­i­bly decreases as you get older and as stress increases. It’s impor­tant to con­tin­u­ally do flex­i­bil­ity train­ing through­out your life. Health Ben­e­fits of flex­i­bil­ity Train­ing Being flex­i­ble helps your body in many ways. It improves your […]




Stretching for Weight Loss

Stretch­ing your mus­cles is an impor­tant part of a work­out rou­tine. It preps your mus­cles for intense use and helps alle­vi­ate the risk of injury. But, can it help you lose weight all on its own? Typ­i­cally, stretch­ing alone does not lead to weight loss. Weight loss is most suc­cess­fully facil­i­tated by car­dio­vas­cu­lar exer­cise. But stretching […]



How Stretching Helps

One aspect of phys­i­cal exer­cise that many peo­ple don’t con­sider much is stretch­ing. Many folks jump head­long into their work­out rou­tine with­out giv­ing much thought to whether or not they should take the time to stretch. They end their work­outs with­out tak­ing a few moments to stretch their mus­cles and relax. But stretch­ing your muscles […]




Stretching and Toning How To Videos

Tone It Up Stretch and Release Rou­tine Fit­ness – Stretch and Tone Your Body – Work­out 1 Lat­eral Ton­ing Exer­cises with Body Weight On-the-Go Stretch­ing and Ton­ing Ton­ing Exer­cises for Ladies