3 Ways to Enjoy Bacon Without the Guilt

Ah, bacon. It’s crispy. It’s chewy. It’s salty. It’s smoky. It’s also high in sat­u­rated fat. Even with that, bacon is still a pop­u­lar meat to con­sume. Some peo­ple want to have their bacon (or some­thing just as tasty) and still eat healthy. While bacon may not be the health­i­est food to eat, there are ways to make it health­ier than usual. Here are 3 ways to make the health­ier choice.

  1. Less is bet­ter. Bacon can add a great taste to any dish. Accord­ing to foodnetwork.com, eatingwell.com, and webmd.com, you don’t have to use very much bacon to add bacon fla­vor to a dish. You only need to use about 1 ounce (or 1–2 slices) in a dish. Cut­ting down on the amount you con­sume can lower how much fat you get, and still allows you the chance to eat bacon.
  2. Dif­fer­ent ways to cook. How you cook your bacon can make a dif­fer­ence in how much fat is in it. Dana Angelo White, a dieti­cian and con­trib­u­tor to Food Network’s blog, writes “Choos­ing the right prepa­ra­tion will help ensure that a sen­si­ble amount of bacon siz­zles up any recipe.” She sug­gests 4 ways to cook bacon. The first and sec­ond ways are to roast bacon in an oven for 15–20 min­utes at 400 degrees or broil it for a few min­utes on each side. The third way is to fry bacon in a pan, take it out when it is crisp, and use some of the left­over bacon grease to sauté onions or cook other veg­eta­bles. The fourth way is to microwave it. To do that, put 3–4 slices on a plate with a paper towel on it, cook it for 2–4 min­utes, and then let it cool for 1 minute.
  3. Increase the vari­ety of meat. Some­times peo­ple won’t or can’t eat bacon, or they want to try some­thing new. There are plenty of sub­sti­tutes out there to try. Goodhousekeeping.com gives some great sub­sti­tutes. You can try turkey bacon (which is less fatty), pancetta (a unsmoked pork), and even a shi­itake bacon, which is made from sliced shi­itake mush­rooms (great for those who are veg­e­tar­ian or vegan).


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