Dancing to your Health: 7 Benefits of Zumba

Zumba, a dancing-style work­out, started as a mis­take. Accord­ing to Reader’s Digest, Beto Perez was an aer­o­bics instruc­tor in Colom­bia and one day he for­got the music for his class. The music he had was Latin music that he played for his class and impro­vised a rou­tine for it. In 2001, Perez started his Zumba busi­ness with Alberto Perl­man and Alberto Aghion. They began to teach Zumba classes and sell­ing DVDs. Now Zumba is done in 185 coun­tries and taught at 140,000 locations.

Zumba is very pop­u­lar and has some great benefits.

  1. It’s a fun way to get your heart rate up because you are dancing.
  2. It gives you a good work­out, since you are using your whole body to dance and you are almost con­stantly moving.
  3. You can inter­act with oth­ers and make new friends.
  4. The steps are sim­ple and easy to follow.
  5. With the upbeat music, you feel happy dur­ing and after the work­out, so you’re work­ing on your men­tal health as well.
  6. Age and level of fit­ness doesn’t mat­ter, since you are danc­ing and can adjust your steps accord­ing to your own needs.
  7. It’s easy to attend, due to the mul­ti­tude of classes offered, and DVDs that are avail­able if you can’t go to a class.

To check if there is a class near you, or to check out the DVDs, check out www.zumba.com. Get out there and have fun danc­ing your way to a healthy life!


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