Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care (Sponsored by River Valley Chiropractic)

  1. What is chiropractic care? Chiropractic care is a branch within the medical discipline which focuses on malaise and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Using a drug-free, hands-on approach, Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) treat joint, neck, and back pain and address the effect these conditions have on general health.
  2. What do DCs treat? DCs treat back pain, neck pain, joint pain in the arms and legs, and headaches along with other disorders which afflict the musculoskeletal system. Often, they must address the impact these conditions are having on the nervous system. DCs also advise patients on diet and nutrition choices, exercise, healthy habits, and beneficial occupational and lifestyle adjustments.
  3. What kind of training and education must DCs have? Doctor of Chiropractic go through rigorous training and education. They must complete a 4-year pre-medical program that can include courses in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and related lab work. DCs must also complete 4 – 5 years of chiropractic college, where course work will include orthopedics, neurology, physiology, human anatomy, clinical diagnosis, and lab procedure. All in all, DCs must accrue at least 4,200 hours of classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience.
  4. Is chiropractic care safe? Chiropractic treatment is one of the safest non-invasive, drug-free methods for dealing with musculoskeletal disorders. While no treatment is 100% risk-free, risks associated with chiropractic care are fairly minute and are usually limited to soreness, stiffness, or aching.
  5. Is chiropractic care appropriate for children? Kids always seem to be falling or hurting themselves, whether during play or participating in sports. With all those bumps, bruises, and bashes building up, kids can definitely benefit form receiving chiropractic treatment. Such treatments are always tailored to the individual and, in the case of children, very gently administered.
  6. How is chiropractic care performed? After diagnosing the problem, DCs perform what are known as adjustments or manipulations. They typically use their hands or instruments to manipulate the joints, the spine in particular. This treatment helps to enhance or restore joint performance, alleviate pain, and reduce or eliminate inflammation.
  7. How do I find a Doctor of Chiropractic? The best method for selecting a DC is to go off of referrals from family members, friends, colleagues, or other health care providers. Most DCs will see you without a referral, but you may want to check your health care plan in case it includes specific referral requirements.
  8. Is chiropractic care covered by my insurance? Most insurance plans include coverage for chiropractic procedures. It is also available to active duty members of the military at many bases and to veterans through major veterans medical facilities.


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