Maximizing Your Memory

Is your memory fuzzy? Are you having trouble remembering what you went to the store for? It happens to many of us. Age, stress, and depression can wear away at your memory over the years. But you can fight back. There are plenty of suggestions out there that can help you keep your memory sharp. Here are a few things you can do to combat memory loss:

  • Work your mind out: Crosswords and similar puzzles help exercise your mind and keep your brain muscles strong. They force you to concentrate and think creatively and that keeps your brain buffed up and limber.
  • Get enough sleep: Poor sleep can prevent the brain from storing memories. Getting a good, deep night’s sleep can help you avoid forgetfulness.
  • Eat the right things: Diets high in cholesterol and fat have been linked to memory loss in advanced society. Eating right, choosing low-fat food options, can help keep your memory like a steel trap.
  • Get out your seat and jump around: Your brain needs plentiful blood supply to function properly. Physical activity will help stimulate blood flow to the brain and keep it flush with oxygen.
  • Avoid the toxic stuff: Alcohol, heavy metals, and other toxic substances adversely affect brain cells, and the fewer functioning brain cells you have, the worse your memory will be.
  • Socialize: Getting out face to face with others keeps you engaged and chases away some conditions that can facilitate memory loss, like depression.
  • Reduce your stress: Stress depletes chemicals in the brain responsible for memory. Staying stress-free will help you manufacture those chemicals and keep your brain humming along.


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