The Effects of Sleep Deprivation (Sponsored by The Sleep Institute)

It is estimated that 50 – 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep or wakefulness disorder. These disorders cost U.S. employers $18 billion every year. The causes of sleep deprivation are many, but they lead to the same kind erosion in your quality of life. Effects of sleep deprivation can include:

  • Irritability
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Memory Lapses or Loss
  • Impaired Moral Judgment
  • Severe Yawning
  • Hallucinations
  • Symptoms similar to ADHD
  • Impaired Immune System
  • Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Increased Heart Rate Variability
  • Risk of Heart Disease
  • Increased Reaction Time
  • Decreased Accuracy
  • Tremors and Aches
  • Growth Suppression

Any of these symptoms can develop into more serious conditions if left untreated. They can also lead to catastrophic events like traffic collisions and work accidents. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, seek treatment as soon as possible.


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