The Goods on Goals

Most folks have something in their life they’d like to improve. Some want to lose weight. Some want to learn a new skill. Others want to develop their careers or personal lives. The process of achieving these desires often includes the setting of goals.

Setting goals can be a useless process if not done the right way. One can waste precious time, talent, and resources chasing the wrong goal. Setting the right goals actually takes some thought and reflection. You must be honest with yourself about what you want the most. You have to follow through. Goal chasing is a multi-stage process, and if you don’t persist during each stage, you run the risk of not achieving your goal. Here are a few thoughts that may help.

Getting Started

When setting a goal, it’s best to dream big at the start. Don’t limit your goals to what seems realistic or practical. Just dream. Break your dream down into possibilities. Focus on goals that are part of your big dream. You can categorize your goals as long-term (over a year), short-term (between now and a year), and mini-goals (right now).

From there, it’s time to start narrowing your scope. Sort out possibilities by attainability, commitment required, financial impact, or desirability. Keep in mind what’s most important to you. When you have all that cornered and you have a goal you want to chase, it’s time to come up with a plan.

The Chase

When chasing your goal, it’s important to realize that you’ll encounter obstacles. These can become a source of discouragement and may even derail you completely. Keeping yourself motivated is of the utmost importance. And that doesn’t have to be an overly complex or involved process.

Write your goal down. Put it somewhere where you can see it. Write it down on post-it notes and put them throughout your living space. You’ll always have those little reminders of what you’re doing. Also, write some notes detailing why you’re chasing your goal or what it means to you. Include ramifications for failure. This will keep your goal in mind.

Another way to keep up the chase is to do something small everyday that pertains to your goal. Achieving goals is a step-by-step, day-by-day process. Don’t get discouraged if you feel you’re not making progress. Take a look back at where you started and you might be shocked how far you’ve come.


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