Track What You Eat

My Fitness PalYou might be sur­prised what you think you’re eat­ing ver­sus what you’re actu­ally eat­ing.  The best thing you can do when try­ing to lose weight, is track every­thing you put in your mouth.

I find it tedious and uncom­fort­able.  For exam­ple, I didn’t plan well for today, and as I write this, I have to admit that I just scarfed down Two Egg White Delite Egg McMuffin’s.  And when I logged into My Fit­ness Pal and entered those sand­wiches I real­ized I now only have 480 calo­ries left for the day.  (Ugh!)
So now, I have to be account­able.  Not only to myself, but to my friends that are on My Fit­ness Pal with me.

You can put the app on your phone and sync it with the web­site.  Have you tried My Fit­ness Pal?  What did you think?  Are there other track­ing pro­grams you like more?


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