Why Do We Need To Set Goals?

Everyone has someplace they’d like to be in life, but many seem to be lost with no idea how to get there. So many times, they lack goals to help direct them to the things they want the most. Having goals lays a roadmap out before you, and you can more easily see which steps to take to reach what you want. A few other reasons to set goals in life are these:

  • Goals help you sort out what’s really important. Setting goals forces you to seriously consider what you really want and what you can do without. It enables you to envision your future and then make positive steps toward realizing that vision.
  • Goals teach you to make good decisions. Every time a choice is placed before you, you have to decide whether an action will get you closer to your goal or not. You must decide whether taking an action is worth the risk or not accomplishing your goal. Through this process, you learn to make tough calls and think critically.
  • Goals teach you to finish tasks efficiently and in a timely manner. You learn to take the requisite action and to stick to a plan. This also helps you to learn to not waste time and effort on unimportant endeavors.
  • Goals build your confidence and self-reliance. As you pass complete each task that leads to your goal, you nurture your belief that you can accomplish tasks and get where you want to go. This will spill out into everything you do in life. And as your confidence expands, so will your ability to rely on yourself.
  • Goals give your life purpose. If you wander through life pursuing nothing, you may find you have no reason to live. If you have a goal to chase, you will feel as if life holds some kind of meaning and that you have a reason for being.


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