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Pets Making Funny Faces

These picture are sure to make you smile.  Have any pics of your furry friend making silly faces?  Share them with us!... Share on Facebook

Introducing Your New Cat To Your Dog

Cats and dogs can be friends; lots of people have both animals in their home. As long as the pets are introduced in the right way, they can become the best of friends. But how to introduce? This article has some great tips for pet-to-pet introduction. If you have anything to add that this article ... Share on Facebook

Buy A Birdhouse Help Out The HSUV

Support the Humane Society of the Upper Valley by buying a birdhouse.  They really are a steal at just $5 a piece, they have different styles and sizes to pick from.  Click this link for all the info... Share on Facebook

Dogs Welcome Soldiers Home

Something to make you smile!... Share on Facebook

PetSmart Adoption Party

Add a little more love to your family.  The PetSmart parking lot adoption party is going on this Saturday 10am to 4pm.  Free food and drinks.  Special guests Skyline Animal Hospital and Teton Kenneling.  Come support your local adoption agencies.  For more information call Terri Snarr 569-0801 or tsna25@gmail.com... Share on Facebook

17th Annual Run With The Big Dogs

The 17th Annual Run With The Big Dogs is coming up fast, October 4th is the date this year. It is a 5K run/walk or 2K walk. Everything raised goes to the Pocatello Animal Shelter. If you would like to know about registration and what time all the fun starts, just click this link.... Share on Facebook

Give A Shelter Pet A Second Chance

With the holiday weekend right around the corner this might be a good weekend to add some love to your house.   Being the proud dog parent of two shelter dogs and I can say from experience it’s the only way to go.  Worried about a puppy or kitten destroying your house?  Adopt an older dog ... Share on Facebook

3rd Annual Cut-A-Thon/BarkAid SRAS

September 13th and 14th is the 3rd annual Cut -A-Thon benefiting the Snake River Animal Shelter.  Defining Line Salon will be donating their time and talents to give you a new look.  Walk-ins welcome you can also make an appointment for either day 523-2229.  Suggested donations is fifteen for kids and twenty-five for adults.  Every ... Share on Facebook

Latest Victims Of The ALS Bucket Challenge: ...

With fewer and fewer people left to accept the ALS Bucket Challenge, some folks have turned their attention to their furry friends. The Daily Dot has complied a stream of videos, vines, and Instragram photos of owners dousing their dogs with ice cold water (or lukewarm water, as the case appears to be more often ... Share on Facebook

Caged Critter Coalition

If your looking for a new pet and you don’t want the usual dog or cat Caged Critter Coalition might have just what your are looking for.  They have geckos, turtles and even a cockatiel.  Caged Critter Coalition is a local non-profit based in Idaho Falls.  Check out their website for adoptable pets or to ... Share on Facebook

Paws And Relax See Pet Videos On Your...

Watch cute pet videos on your next flight!  If your flying British Airways anytime soon you will now get to enjoy Paws and Relax during your flight.  Paws and Relax is adorable pet videos designed to make those long flights more enjoyable or at least go by a little faster. The channel will launch in ... Share on Facebook

7th Annual Mutt Strut And Who Let The...

  Hope to see you at the 7th Annual Mutt Strut And Who Let The Dogs Saturday August 23rd.  There will be a bike race, 5K run, activities for pets and their people, and remember someone will be crown the 2014 SRAS Mascot.  For more information and registration forms you call 523-4219 or snakeriveranimalshelter.org... Share on Facebook

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

If you have or have owned a Husky, Beagle or Hound you know much dogs like to dig in the backyard. Both articles below have some great tips and tricks to help you reclaim your yard. In the past I have found that burying their feces in the holes also works but that is not ... Share on Facebook

Shelter Puts Dogs On Tinder, Gets 2,700 Matches

It turns out that you really can find love on Tinder — or, at least, puppy love. New York’s Social Tees Animal Rescue recently joined forces with the marketing interns at BBH creative agency to create profiles for dogs that need homes and post them on the dating app. “People strictly go to Tinder to ... Share on Facebook


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