Give Her What She Wants Or Something Better



Should you give a teenage girl what she wants for Christ­mas, or a gift that is bet­ter than what she asked for.

The girl is 15.  She’s asked for a (__A__)  Her brother is 11.  He has asked for a (__B__)
Their mother has both gifts ready for Christ­mas.  Present A is nice, but in terms of price and prod­uct qual­ity, present B is better.

Should Mom give the daugh­ter the gift that is “Bet­ter” or the gift that she “Wants?”


And, please don’t for­get that we’re talk­ing about a teenage girl.  You can’t dis­count the “emo­tional” aspect of your deci­sion.  Plus, the lit­tle brother is going to get the other present.  So if Christ­mas morn­ing, she watches her younger brother open the gift she asked for…well, that could get messy too.  I’m not try­ing to sway your deci­sion, I’m just try­ing to give you all the facts.  And don’t worry about mak­ing the wrong deci­sion.  It will just ruin Christ­mas and effect the emo­tional well being of my chil­dren for years to come.  :-)



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