Give Her What She Wants Or Something Better



Should you give a teenage girl what she wants for Christmas, or a gift that is better than what she asked for.

The girl is 15.  She’s asked for a (__A__)  Her brother is 11.  He has asked for a (__B__)
Their mother has both gifts ready for Christmas.  Present A is nice, but in terms of price and product quality, present B is better.

Should Mom give the daughter the gift that is “Better” or the gift that she “Wants?”


And, please don’t forget that we’re talking about a teenage girl.  You can’t discount the “emotional” aspect of your decision.  Plus, the little brother is going to get the other present.  So if Christmas morning, she watches her younger brother open the gift she asked for…well, that could get messy too.  I’m not trying to sway your decision, I’m just trying to give you all the facts.  And don’t worry about making the wrong decision.  It will just ruin Christmas and effect the emotional well being of my children for years to come.  🙂



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