How To Do Halloween At The Office - And Not Get Fired


1. Be a nurse, not a sexy nurse. It seems that the man­u­fac­tur­ers of Hal­loween cos­tumes for adult women fol­low the same pre­dictable for­mula year after year: Take an occu­pa­tion, ani­mal or Dis­ney princess and slap the word “sexy” in front of it … Ta da! But, even though it may require a lit­tle more effort to find a cos­tume that’s not based on a foun­da­tion of under­wear and fish­nets, if you plan on dress­ing up for work, plan on putting in the extra time to find some­thing full-coverage.

2. Avoid con­tro­versy. If there’s a ques­tion in your mind that your cos­tume might offend your co-workers or spark an argu­ment, go a dif­fer­ent route. Your friends might get a kick out of your Casey Anthony cos­tume, but do you really want to lis­ten to your co-workers argue about whether or not she’s guilty all day? Didn’t think so.

Some other popular-yet-controversial cos­tumes for 2011 that will prob­a­bly cause more of a headache than they’re worth at work? A Wall Street pro­tes­tor, Osama Bin Laden, Amanda Knox, and any mem­ber of the crowded cohort that includes Anthony Weiner and Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  

3. Don’t be a nui­sance. If your office fully-embraces Hal­loween, chances are it won’t be the most pro­duc­tive day of the year. Still, there will prob­a­bly be some work that needs to get done, so make sure your cos­tume isn’t too dis­tract­ing. If your getup has pieces that make noise, light up, blow bub­bles, play music, etc., it’s best to leave these com­po­nents home.

4. Keep your work envi­ron­ment in mind. If your office is small, casual and cre­ative, you may be able to get away with more than if you work in a cor­po­rate envi­ron­ment or one where you’re required to inter­act with clients and cus­tomers all day. If you’re not sure what’s appro­pri­ate, ask co-workers what they plan on dress­ing up as, or what peo­ple were in years’ past.

Bot­tom line? Have fun, but use good judg­ment. If you have an inkling that your sexy, polit­i­cally incor­rect cos­tume is not office appro­pri­ate, save it for the week­end, and choose some­thing more neu­tral for 9-to-5. It can be your excuse to buy two costumes!


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