How To Get Anything You Want

Happy Woman In New Car with Keys

Researchers say you can get every­thing from a raise – to a good deal on a new car – if you use the right words! Stud­ies show peo­ple react more favor­ably to spe­cific words. For example:

  • When mak­ing a request, use the word: “Because.” Experts say the word “because” auto­mat­i­cally makes your request seem more impor­tant, as a result, peo­ple are more will­ing to help. In fact, when Har­vard Uni­ver­sity researchers asked peo­ple wait­ing in line to use a copy machine if they could go first, 60 per­cent said yes. But when researchers asked if they could use the copier first because they had to make copies, 93 per­cent said yes – even though no real rea­son was given.
  • Here’s a phrase that’ll help you get you what you want: “I’d appre­ci­ate it.” Stud­ies show that we work harder at some­thing if we know it’ll be val­ued. For exam­ple, researchers approached work­ers at one com­pany. They told half of the employ­ees to email some­thing imme­di­ately. And they told the rest, “I’d appre­ci­ate it if you’d email this imme­di­ately.” The first group com­pleted the request only half the time, com­pared to 80 per­cent of the “I’d appre­ci­ate it” group! That’s because peo­ple have an innate desire to be help­ful and appreciated.
  • And the final phrase that’ll help you get what you want: “Thank you in advance.” Thank­ing some­one for some­thing they haven’t done implies you trust them to fol­low through, which makes them want to live up to your expec­ta­tions. In fact, fundrais­ing let­ters that thank poten­tial donors ahead of time, yield 50 per­cent more in con­tri­bu­tions than let­ters with­out an advance thank you.


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