I Want To Eat Your Baby

I want to eat your baby.”  Why do women say that?

It starts with “He’s so cute.” This leads to “He’s adorable,” which lev­els up to “What a lit­tle munchkin!” By now, we’re on our way to “I just want to squeeze those chubby lit­tle cheeks,” which begets “Look at this LITTLE MAN!” And that much non­sense can only be trumped by … “Oh my good­ness, I want to eat this baby!”

The mother, who would flip over a cement truck if it threat­ened her child’s life, nods in appre­ci­a­tion, as if it’s the high­est com­pli­ment she can receive. Thank you, this nod says, I want to eat my baby, too, but I can’t say that in front of my hus­band (the jerk).

What’s the strangest com­ment you’ve ever heard about your children?




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