Is It Chatting Or Cheating

Is it chat­ting or cheat­ing? Are you friends or flirting?

These are the five warn­ing signs that your rela­tion­ship is vul­ner­a­ble to cheating:

• You feel lonely. You may share the same address but live in two dif­fer­ent worlds. You’re spend­ing less time together due to work, the chil­dren, or sep­a­rate inter­ests.
• Lack of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Small issues turn into dis­agree­ments and power strug­gles. You give each other the silent treat­ment. You may feel under-appreciated, bot­tled up, or like you’re walk­ing on tip­toes not to rat­tle any cages.
• Lack of love, affec­tion and inti­macy. Things are feel­ing pretty dead at home and you find your­self resort­ing to some stim­u­la­tion out­side your rela­tion­ship to shake things up.
• Bore­dom, com­pla­cency and emo­tional dis­tance. Your rela­tion­ship has become rou­tine. You long for more emo­tional or phys­i­cal atten­tion from your part­ner, but it feels like a wall exists between you.
• A phys­i­cal dis­con­nect. You feel more like room­mates than lovers. The atten­tion and affec­tion has dwin­dled, and you no longer see each other through the eyes of desire.


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