Is It Chatting Or Cheating

Is it chatting or cheating? Are you friends or flirting?

These are the five warning signs that your relationship is vulnerable to cheating:

• You feel lonely. You may share the same address but live in two different worlds. You’re spending less time together due to work, the children, or separate interests.
• Lack of communication. Small issues turn into disagreements and power struggles. You give each other the silent treatment. You may feel under-appreciated, bottled up, or like you’re walking on tiptoes not to rattle any cages.
• Lack of love, affection and intimacy. Things are feeling pretty dead at home and you find yourself resorting to some stimulation outside your relationship to shake things up.
• Boredom, complacency and emotional distance. Your relationship has become routine. You long for more emotional or physical attention from your partner, but it feels like a wall exists between you.
• A physical disconnect. You feel more like roommates than lovers. The attention and affection has dwindled, and you no longer see each other through the eyes of desire.


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