Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Tussle Over Toothpaste

Dear Mike & Liza, My wife bought a new kind of tooth­paste and I hate it.  I want to throw it away and go back to our old brand.  She says we have to wait until this kind is gone.  Do you know how long it’s going to take us to get through a whole tube […]



The Daily Table

Would you shop at a gro­cery store that only sold expired food?  The “Daily Table”  is a new gro­cery store that will only sell expired food at deeply dis­counted prices.



What Date Did Your Man Forget

What impor­tant date did your man for­get? Sci­ence has proven it.  Men are more for­get­ful than women.  Espe­cially when it comes to names and dates.  What impor­tant date did your man for­get?  Com­ment here and call us, 6:45 tomor­row morning.  



Will You Still Use Stamps

  The price of stamps jumps to $.49 this week­end.  Will you still use stamps?  Are you cur­rently using them?



Marshmallow and Cookie Dough Oreos

Are you going to try it?  Oreo is debut­ing new fla­vors next month.  Cookie Dough and Marsh­mal­low Crispy.  These new fla­vors sound bet­ter than the Candy Corn Oreo.




What made your wed­ding day spe­cial?  “Mar­ryoke”  is a grow­ing trend.  The wed­ding cou­ple along with the wed­ding party and quests make their own music video to cel­e­brate the day.  Need help plan­ning your wed­ding?  Go to eastidahoweddings.com



How Do You Get Your Kids To Let You Sleep In

  How do you get your kids to let you sleep in?  This mom cov­ered all her bases so the kids wouldn’t have a rea­son to knock on the door. What do you do when you want to sleep in?  Com­ment here and 6:45 tomor­row morning.



Full House Stars Reunite

  Which can­celled sit­com do you wish was still run­ning?  ‘Full House’ stars reunite for a Super Bowl com­mer­cial.  In the com­mer­cial the middle-aged bud­dies still live together.



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: The Lone Rearranger

  Dear Mike & Liza, My wife is con­stantly rear­rang­ing the fur­ni­ture.  She moves the liv­ing room around about once a month.  It dri­ves me crazy.  My mother never rearranged the fur­ni­ture.  The couch is still in the same spot it always was.  I told my wife I don’t like that she’s always mov­ing things around.  She says […]



Food For Furry Friends

You can help re-stock the food bank at the Pocatello Ani­mal Shel­ter and the Ban­nock Humane Soci­ety.  Make your pet food dona­tion at  Phil Meador from now until Jan­u­ary 31st.  Help pets in need, make a donation today.