Mike & Liza's Family Feud: You Got A What???

  Dear Mike & Liza, My fiance’ and I are sup­posed to get mar­ried in Sep­tem­ber and move into his house together.  But last week, with­out talk­ing to me about it, he bought a fer­ret.  He calls it his “cat-snake” and it runs all over the house.  I do NOT want to live in a […]



How Do You Reward Your Little Ones

How do you reward your chil­dren?  A new study shows that chil­dren as young as 4, know when the reward is lame.  Preschool­ers aren’t that much inter­ested in stick­ers or prizes that don’t live up to their stan­dards, no mat­ter how hard they worked for it. How do you reward your young chil­dren?  Stickers…small toys…treats? […]



What's Your Favorite (Unnecessary) Kitchen Gadget

  What’s your favorite kitchen gad­get?  Mike’s in love with his Veg­etti.  Turn veg­gies into healthy spaghetti with ease.  Liza’s still using her “Per­fect Brownie Pan” that Mike gave her for Christ­mas. What’s your favorite, but prob­a­bly unnec­es­sary, kitchen gad­get?  Tell us here and at 6:45 tomor­row morning.



Do Cheaters Deserve To Be Exposed

Do cheaters deserve to be outed.  Hack­ers are releas­ing the names and details of reg­is­tered users of a “dat­ing” web­site for cheaters.  Do they deserve to be pub­licly exposed? Tell us what you think here and 6:45 Mon­day morning.



To Shave Or Not To Shave

  Ladies…what’s the longest you’ve gone with­out shav­ing your legs?  Doesn’t it seem like you have to do it every day in the Sum­mer? One woman says she’s never going to shave her legs again because it’s just some­thing we do for men, and not for our­selves. Liza says if she goes more than 3 […]



It's time to reverse our thinking, for the better!

I lis­tened to this today and it made me cry, not because it’s sad, but because of hope. I hope that this “Lost Gen­er­a­tion” finds itself. I hope that with kids like my lit­tle sis­ter, who is 22, the world they raise chil­dren in WILL be a dif­fer­ent, more kind place. I see the changes […]



Mike & Liza's Family Feud: Her Niece Is Nude

  Dear Mike & Liza My broth­ers fam­ily and my fam­ily are close.  We do a lot of things together like cook­outs and week­end activ­i­ties.  It’s not unusual for us to have din­ner all together 3 nights a week.  This sum­mer I’ve noticed my Niece, who is almost 4 now, is naked way too much.  […]



What Outdated Expressions Are You Still Using

  What out­dated expres­sions are you still using?  Why are we still say­ing “Hang up the phone?” or “Dial the phone” for that mat­ter. Tell us what out­dated expres­sions you still use every day, here and 6:45 tomor­row morning.



Which Is Most Likely To Exist

  Which of these is most likely to exist? Aliens Mer­maids Big­foot Liza totally believes in Aliens and Mike says Big­foot is the most likely. What do you believe in?  Tell us here and 6:45 tomor­row morning.



Can You Call Dibs On An Office Crush

  Can you call dibs on a per­son?  Mike and Liza won­der if poor Julia doesn’t even know this is hap­pen­ing?  Does this guy have a point, or is he a weirdo?  Tell us what you think here and 6:45 Mon­day morning.