Make 10 Beauty Resolutions This Year

Want to look as pretty as pos­si­ble in 2012? Then vow to fol­low some (or all!) of these great ideas.
1. Repeat your great­est hits.
You’ve got 608 pic­tures of your­self tagged on Face­book. It’s time to do some seri­ous click­ing and hunt for the pho­tos in which you look the best. If you love the pics where your hair is tou­sled, make an effort to rock that look more often.

2. Clean your cell phone.
Ever notice that the right side of your jaw has a few more bumps than you’d expect? That could be from all the bac­te­ria on your cell phone. If you have an iPhone or a touch screen, it’s best to pick up a clean­ing kit from a store like Best Buy. For other phones, you can get away with using a tiny bit of rub­bing alco­hol on a tis­sue and gen­tly wip­ing down your phone.

3. Don’t buy mois­tur­izer with­out SPF.
Even in the win­ter. And while we’re on this topic: If you skip the pro­tec­tion because you want to look like you hail from Brazil, you’ll look like you’re 15 years older later. P.S.: Sched­ule that skin can­cer screen­ing, too. (Can you tell Cosmo is all about prac­tic­ing safe sun?!)

4. Try a “beauty dare” once a month.
It’s lib­er­at­ing and can help you revive your look, sur­prise your man, and unleash your inner beauty diva. Once every few weeks, be bold with some red lips or an elab­o­rate hair piece or nail decals or…you get the point.

5. Upgrade your reg­i­men.
Maybe you’ve been using the same mois­tur­izer since you were 17. That’s cute and all, but now that you’re 27, you prob­a­bly need a new for­mula. Not to men­tion some eye cream. Set aside some time to fig­ure out what you should be doing at your age, and then put your plan into motion.

6. Pay for your hair sins.
We’d never tell you to part with your beloved hair straight­ener or stop the high­lights, but you gotta pay penance for the dam­age you do to your tresses. Get reg­u­lar trims, do weekly deep-conditioning treat­ments, and give your hair a break from the blow dryer when­ever possible.

7. Go green.
Try­ing to be eco-friendly with every prod­uct you use can be over­whelm­ing. So just make it a point to switch one thing in early 2012. Then, when­ever it’s time to make a new pur­chase, browse the eco-friendly beauty loot instead of auto­mat­i­cally buy­ing your reg­u­lar products.

8. Put a cap on your bad habits.
We all have our vices. But that doesn’t make them okay, espe­cially if you want to look your best. Smok­ing leads to wrin­kles, heavy drink­ing can dehy­drate your skin…don’t make us lec­ture you

9. Stop pick­ing.
Your cuti­cles. The mas­cara off your eye­lashes. Your zits. What­ever it is you feel the itch to pick, keep your hands off it!

10. Get your beauty sleep.
Like you need to hear this? But still, it’s worth repeat­ing since rest­less nights can wreak havoc on your health and appear­ance. Try an eye mask if you have trou­ble shut­ting the world out.



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