Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Baby Talk Or Smack Talk

baby talk

Dear Mike & Liza,
My wife is mak­ing fun of our baby. I know she’s jok­ing, but I think she’s going to do real dam­age. She coos at him and says “Why can’t you take out the trash? You don’t do any­thing around here.” When shes chang­ing him she does it again. “You made a mess. Who’s dis­gust­ing? You’re dis­gust­ing.” And the worst is when he’s cry­ing for a bot­tle she says “Somebody’s got a drink­ing prob­lem. You need to go to rehab.“
I admit, some­times it’s pretty funny, but even if he can’t under­stand it, she should be build­ing him up, not tear­ing him down.
James, Rigby


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