Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Believing In The Bunny

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Dear Mike & Liza,

My hus­band and I have 3 small chil­dren.  It’s very impor­tant to me that they believe in the “magic” of spe­cial hol­i­days.  I am mak­ing big plans for the arrival of the Easter Bunny this year.  We were just vis­ited by Lep­rechauns for St. Patrick’s Day — The Tooth Fairy prac­ti­cally cov­ers our house in glit­ter — And when Santa arrives…well he just goes all out to show my chil­dren how much he loves vis­it­ing us.

My hus­band says these mag­i­cal fig­ures do too much at our home and they should keep their dis­plays to a min­i­mum.  I say there can’t be too much magic in the life of a child.

Brenda, Pocatello


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