Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Hardcore Parkour


Dear Mike & Liza,

Our son has always played team sports with lim­ited suc­cess.  He’s been in base­ball, bas­ket­ball and foot­ball.  He’s hav­ing fun and get­ting exer­cise and learn­ing impor­tant team things, but he’s never going to be in the NFL if you know what I mean.
Recently he’s dis­cov­ered Amer­i­can Ninja War­rior and asked if he could take a parkour/free run­ning class.  He loves it!  I’ve never seen him this engaged about any of the sports we have put him in. In fact, he asked if he could quit foot­ball (which hasn’t offi­cially started yet) and just do park­our instead.
My hus­band is push­ing him to stay in foot­ball and told him to talk it over with some of his bud­dies.  He asked him how he would feel on Fri­days when all his friends are wear­ing their foot­ball jer­seys to school and he wasn’t part of the team.
I think he’s just push­ing him to play foot­ball because that’s what “boys are sup­posed to do.” and not really look­ing at who his son is.
So….do you want to make this call?

Amber, Pocatello




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