Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Hardcore Parkour


Dear Mike & Liza,

Our son has always played team sports with limited success.  He’s been in baseball, basketball and football.  He’s having fun and getting exercise and learning important team things, but he’s never going to be in the NFL if you know what I mean.
Recently he’s discovered American Ninja Warrior and asked if he could take a parkour/free running class.  He loves it!  I’ve never seen him this engaged about any of the sports we have put him in. In fact, he asked if he could quit football (which hasn’t officially started yet) and just do parkour instead.
My husband is pushing him to stay in football and told him to talk it over with some of his buddies.  He asked him how he would feel on Fridays when all his friends are wearing their football jerseys to school and he wasn’t part of the team.
I think he’s just pushing him to play football because that’s what “boys are supposed to do.” and not really looking at who his son is.
So….do you want to make this call?

Amber, Pocatello




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