Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Her Status Updates Are Making Him Look Bad


Dear Mike & Liza,

My wife is a won­der­ful, beau­ti­ful, accom­plished woman.  In her life she has expe­ri­enced some “set backs” but she con­tin­ues to perser­vere and move for­ward with grace and strength.
So it really both­ers me that her sta­tus update on Face­book is fre­quently about how sad she is, or what strug­gle she’s fac­ing.  If I weren’t mar­ried to her, I would read those updates and think that she was con­stantly whin­ing, com­plain­ing and miserable.
I think it’s a bad look for her.  And, to be per­fectly hon­est, it reflects poorly on me.  My col­leagues at work will ask me “is your wife ok?”
Is she over­shar­ing or am I being insen­si­tive to her needs?
Bill, Idaho Falls



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