Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Hubs Hates Her Hobbit Habit

Dear Mike & Liza,

My favorite book of all time is the Hob­bit. I have read it every year since I was ten years old… some­times twice a year. (I’d tell you how many times, but then you could do the math and fig­ure out how old I really am.) I have sev­eral collector’s edi­tions of the book and wish I could afford a first edi­tion. I can hardly wait until the movie comes out on Decem­ber 14. I want to go see The Hob­bit the first night the movie comes out. My hus­band does not read fic­tion, espe­cially fan­tasy. He has never read the Hob­bit. He always used to say he would just wait until the movie came out which he thought would never hap­pen. Then Peter Jack­son had a vision, and the future of bad Hob­bit movies changed. My hus­band does not want to go the first night the movie is out. He thinks it will be way too crowded. He wants to wait until his birth­day, Decem­ber 21–a WHOLE WEEK later, the dark­est day of the year (the win­ter sol­stice), and pos­si­bly the end of the world accord­ing to the Mayan cal­en­dar. I don’t want to take the chance of miss­ing what will prob­a­bly become my favorite movie of all time just to wait for his birth­day if the world is going to end that day. We can do some­thing else that is spe­cial on his birthday…perhaps a marsh­mal­low roast.

Help us make the call.



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