Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Let There Be Christmas Light




It’s a Mar­riage Ref first — both par­ties wrote to us and agreed to accept your call as the new rule in their home.  We can’t wait to find out what you decide.


Dear Mike & Liza,
It’s time for our annual Christ­mas Light Fight.  This year my hus­band and I agreed that we will accept your deci­sion and never bring this up again.
I say we should put up the Christ­mas lights now, before it snows, while the weather is still rel­a­tively nice.
He says it’s never ok to put up the lights before Thanks­giv­ing.  I told him we don’t have to turn the lights on until after Thanks­giv­ing, but he stub­bornly refuses to even put them on the house.
What­ever you decide will be the rule for the rest of our mar­riage.  We’re both keep­ing our fin­gers crossed.
Anna, Idaho Falls


Dear Mike & Liza,
My wife Anna asked if I would let you decide when our Christ­mas lights should go up.  She thinks we should put them up now before there is a bunch of snow.  I say there is no rea­son the lights should be on the house before Thanks­giv­ing, and after Jan­u­ary 2nd.  Even if we don’t turn the lights on, peo­ple will see them on our house and think I’m one of those guys that never takes the lights down.  She doesn’t under­stand the shame that comes with being “one of those guys.“
I did agree to live with your rul­ing, so Mike, I hope you’re pick­ing up what I’m putting down.  Lunch is on me buddy!
Brad, Idaho Falls



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