Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: She Doesn't Want To Be An Evil Step Mother



Dear Mike & Liza,
I married my husband just before Christmas. I’m 43, he is 46 and and his youngest daughter is 15. She and I have a terrific relationship. She calls me Kathy, we talk like girlfriends, I know she trusts me and she knows I love her. We agreed that she has two parents who love her and are here to “raise her” and I am going to be like a close friend, or a cool Aunt. I am not her Mother and I’m not trying to be. My husband seems to think that I should be trying to convert to “Step-Mother Status” and I just don’t think that’s going to work for us. His daughter and I are perfectly happy with our relationship just the way it is.
I don’t want to turn into the Evil Step Monster. What should we do?
Kathy, Ammon


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