Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref - What Direction Should The Silverware Point


Dear Mike & Liza,

I love lis­ten­ing to Mar­riage Ref every week and I NEVER thought I’d have any­thing for you to decide — but here I am.  My hus­band has started putting the forks and knives point­ing up in the dish­washer.  He has some cocka­mamie the­ory about them dam­ag­ing the plas­tic bas­ket.  I don’t want to touch the clean and sharp sil­ver­ware as I’m emp­ty­ing the dish­washer and I worry about my lit­tle one’s get­ting poked as they help with the chore.

Who is right?  We’ve agreed to live with your call.

Anna, Idaho Falls



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