Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: What He Wants Her To Weigh

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Dear Mike & Liza,
When we got mar­ried 7 years ago, I weighed 105 pounds.  My hus­band thinks it’s funny to use “105” as some sort of coded reminder to me that I’ve gained weight.  PIN = 0105  Garage door code = 0105  He makes a big deal out of Jan­u­ary 5th and he texts me “Hey, it’s 1:05 — I was just think­ing about you.”
I don’t think it’s funny and I’ve told him so.  He says he’s just jok­ing and he wants me to be focused on my goal to weigh 105 again.  (A goal that HE set, by the way.)
Can you make him stop?
Jes­sica, Idaho Falls


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