Mom Are You Feeling More Guilty Lately


Work­ing moms say they feel more guilty in June than the rest of the year.  Why?  It’s a com­bi­na­tion of things.

First, it’s the end of the school year.  This means school pro­grams, plays, class par­ties, field trips, pic­nics and even Pre-School grad­u­a­tion (Pre-School Grad­u­a­tion?)  Work­ing moms report feel­ing guilty if they can’t make it to every one of their child’s activ­i­ties, and equally guilty, if they are leav­ing work early or in the mid­dle of the day frequently.

Sec­ond, it’s the begin­ning of sum­mer vaca­tion.  Work­ing moms drive by the park on their way to grab a bur­rito to eat at their desk.  Or they hear about the home­made ice cream SAHM moms made while the whole neigh­bor­hood played Twister that same mom hand painted on her lawn.  Work­ing moms feel guilty that they aren’t in on the fun.  Also, as soon as a work­ing mom is home, the fun is over.  The chores need to get done.  The laun­dry needs to be folded.  Din­ner needs to be made. Blech.

I just ran out of the sta­tion for 25 min­utes to see Delaney in her soft­ball game.”  says Liza.  “Last time, I had 20 min­utes and she was on the bench the whole time.  Today she caught a ball and was up to bat.  I was in and out of there quickly, got to see her actu­ally do some­thing and am back to work before my desk got out of con­trol.  I feel like Super-Mom today!”

We know it’s hard to be every­thing to every­one.  Are you feel­ing extra guilty this month moms?



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