Giving back blood

Classy Cash High Low

Guess The Amount. Listen for your turn to play Classy Cash High Low. Caller 7 wins $100 instantly. Plus, if you guess the amount in the Classy Cash High Low Jackpot, you win it all.

The Classy 97 Easter Egg Hunt

Tautphaus Park, Idaho Falls Saturday April 19th. Starts at 10am sharp.

Get your Kids Fair Photos!

Click to see SpongeBob, The Fairly OddParents, and the Bullride Pictures from the East Idaho Kid's Fair!

15th Annual Second Chance Prom

Make plans to join us for the 15th Annual Sec­ond Chance Prom Sat­ur­day, May 31, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. at Hill­crest High School in Ammon, Idaho. It’s the largest dance in East Idaho, a mag­i­cal evening of danc­ing and fun to music old and new.  Dress in for­mal or semi-formal attire and escort the real […]

What Does An East Idaho Newbie Need To Know

Lifestyle Help us wel­come Scott Sanders to the Classy 97 fam­ily and tell him every­thing a per­son new to East Idaho... read more

Monopoly Rules Are Changing

Lifestyle Ever had an argu­ment with a friend or fam­ily mem­ber over a board game?  Monop­oly rules are chang­ing and you... read more

Play Heads Up With Mike & Liza

Lifestyle   Are you play­ing with The Ellen Show’s brand new Heads Up app?  We can’t get enough. You can play... read more

What To Put In The Subject Line Of E-Mails At Work

Lifestyle Ever have trou­ble find­ing a note you need among the dozens of work e-mails you get each day?!  Of course... read more

Mike & Liza’s Marriage Ref: Is It The Bathroom Or The Library

Lifestyle Dear Mike and Liza: We have been mar­ried for 6 years. I thought I made it clear pretty quickly after our... read more

Promise Daddy You Will Never Have A Boyfriend

Lifestyle At what age should you let your daugh­ter have a boyfriend?  The father is this video tried to trick his... read more

How Do You Handle Panhandlers

Lifestyle   How do you han­dle pan­han­dlers in East Idaho? Pocatello Police are crack­ing down on street solic­i­tors.  We want to know... read more

Student Receives 150 Scholarship Offers

Lifestyle Pro­fes­sional ath­lete or musi­cian, which would you choose?    Meet Chad Thomas, 18,he plays nine dif­fer­ent instru­ments and he helped... read more

What Are You Doing With Your Kids For Spring Break

Lifestyle   What are you doing with your kids for Spring Break? Do you take a trip…are you try­ing to keep... read more

How Do You Spend Your Free Time

Lifestyle   How do you spend your free time? Just how do Amer­i­cans while away their free time? While TV remains the... read more
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