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Classy 97's Jingle Bingo

Play Jingle Bingo And Win. Get Your Game Piece Here.

Classy 97's Teacher Feature

Is there a teacher that has had a positive impact on you or one of your children? Click here to nominate them for the Classy 97 Teacher Feature!

Donut Feel Good

Enter to win 3 dozen donuts for your office. Delivered by Amy Taylor this Friday, provided by Baker's Dozen.

All I Want For Christmas Expo

Over 150 craft and commercial vendors will be on hand. A perfect opportunity to do holiday shopping and visit a live reindeer at KBear’s Santa’s Reindeer Exhibit!

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Leave The Leaves

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, A lot of leaves have fallen in our yard and I asked my hus­band if we could rake them up and bag them this week­end. ... read more

How Old Is Too Old To Trick-Or-Treat

Lifestyle Should there be an age limit on trick or treat­ing? Liza used to think kids older than 12 shouldn’t go door to door, but some­thing has made her change her... read more

Drive On Parkways, And Park in Drive Ways ?

Lifestyle Both words “Drive” and “Park” were a part of our vocab­u­lary long before the Model T rolled off the assem­bly line. Model T, sorry Google it. In the 1800’s “park­ing’ meant... read more

Your First Scary Movie

Lifestyle What was the first scary movie you saw?  When Liza was about 11 or 12, she saw Psy­cho at a sleep­over, and she’s never been the same.  Tell us the... read more

The Teal Pumpkin Project

Lifestyle Hal­loween can be a tricky time – quite lit­er­ally – for fam­i­lies man­ag­ing food aller­gies because many tra­di­tional Hal­loween treats aren’t safe for chil­dren with life-threatening food aller­gies. The Teal... read more

Since We Got The Satellite dish.…Mama Aint Seen The Sky

Lifestyle Inter­est­ing what folks are watch­ing state to state.~ Scott read more

Whitney Houston Live Cd/DVD To Be Released.……

Lifestyle The release will fea­ture 16 live songs on CD and 19 per­for­mances on DVD. Mem­o­rable tracks will include “You Give Good Love” in a 1985 “Tonight Show” appear­ance;... read more

Halloween, Not Just For The Young Ones

Lifestyle I am Not sure what the appro­pri­ate cut off age for Trick Or Treat­ing. I would Be delighted to open my door to some of the more expe­ri­enced ones or... read more

Why So Fast ?

Lifestyle If You Look At Mod­ern Car Speedome­ters, You Will find some that can Hit 180 mph. What ? There isn’t a sin­gle stretch of high­way in the U.S. that you... read more

Why Should Your Town Be #1

Lifestyle Why should your town be The Most Excit­ing Place In Idaho?  Movoto pub­lished a list of the 10 most excit­ing places in Idaho and Pocatello was ranked #1.  We want... read more
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