Giving back blood

East Idaho Home & Garden Show

Don’t miss the East Idaho Home & Garden Show set for March 13 & 14 , 2015 at Kingston Plaza in Idaho Falls. Show runs Friday (noon to 9 p.m.) and Saturday (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Classy 97's Teacher Feature

Is there a teacher that has had a positive impact on you or one of your children? Click here to nominate them for the Classy 97 Teacher Feature!

Click here to see past Teacher Feature Winners!

Donut Feel Good

Enter to win 3 dozen donuts for your office. Delivered by Amy Taylor this Friday, provided by Baker's Dozen.

Give Blood

Mike & Liza have personally donated over 3 gallons of blood to the Red Cross. Find out how to help.

Best Super Bowl Commercial Of 2015

Lifestyle What will be the best Super Bowl com­mer­cial this year?  Tell us your favorites here and 6:45 Mon­day morning. But before a new wave of ads takes over the Inter­net, we... read more

Happy 30th “We Are The World”

Lifestyle The all-star record­ing ses­sion for We Are the World, the biggest char­ity sin­gle of all time, took place 30 years ago yesterday. On Jan. 28, 1985, at A&M Record­ing Stu­dios... read more

Sick Days: Is It Ok To Take One If You’re Not Sick

Lifestyle Is it ok to take a sick day if you’re not actu­ally sick?  Blake Shel­ton sings about call­ing in sick to work and spend­ing the day with his love.  Is... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Sibling Super Bowl Spat

Lifestyle Dear Mike & Liza, We have a pretty amaz­ing the­ater room in our home, so when there are big events like the Super Bowl or the Acad­emy Awards, my sis­ter... read more

What’s Your Perfect Valentine

Lifestyle Ladies, what do you want for Valentine’s Day? The aver­age per­son will spend $142 this year on flow­ers, choco­lates and jew­elry.  Do you want a dif­fer­ent kind of Valen­tine?  Tell... read more

Let’s Name The Baby Nutella

Lifestyle   Should par­ents be allowed to name their chil­dren any­thing they want?  A French judge has ruled that par­ents can’t name their daugh­ter Nutella.  Tell us what you think at read more

I Bet I Can Guess Your Password

Lifestyle 2014 was a year rid­dled with major hack­ing scan­dals, and while many Amer­i­cans know the dan­gers of weak cyber secu­rity — accord­ing to a new report, it seems they... read more

Uh Oh, The Curse Of King Tut Continues

Lifestyle Cura­tors at the Egypt­ian Museum in Cairo have admit­ted to glu­ing back on the beard of Tutankhamun’s bur­ial mask after it was knocked off by accident. Unfor­tu­nately, the pharaoh’s replica facial... read more

Move It Move It.

Lifestyle Oh, Boy, here we go again: “Sit­ting is dan­ger­ous!” “Sit­ting will kill you!” The anti-sitting con­tin­gent has been beat­ing this horse dead for years now, cam­paign­ing to redesign our office... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Too Close For Comfort

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, My brother left on his mis­sion a cou­ple months ago.  Since I’m the only kid left in the house, my par­ents are EXTREMELY focused on... read more
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