Giving back blood

Trick or Treat Street

Safe, non-scary Halloween event for your children 8 years old and under. Come in costume and trick or treat the RV’s decorated by local businesses lining Pier View Drive.


Give your opinion on what we play.

The 2014 Classy 97 Cookbook

Share your recipe with us and you could make it into our 2014 Classy 97 Cookbook.

KLCE For The Cure

As one of the most prolific and frequently diagnosed diseases in North America, breast cancer is something every woman should be aware off.

What Words Should Be Banned

Lifestyle Should some words be banned in school?  A teacher in Ten­nessee has posted a list of words that are banned in her class­room. Are teach­ers ban­ning words in East Idaho... read more

Should Teens Sleep Late

Lifestyle The Amer­i­can Acad­emy of Pedi­a­tri­cians (AAP) says there’s strong sci­en­tific evi­dence to sup­port later school start times for mid­dle and high school­ers. When it comes to the impor­tance of... read more

Is There Always Room For Jell-O

Lifestyle   When was the last time you ate Jell-O and why? Jell-O sales have slipped 19 per­cent in the past four years. Recent food fads like Greek yogurt have sliced into its... read more

Best Rainy Day Activity

Lifestyle What’s the best rainy day activ­ity.  Liza says she likes a blan­ket, a movie and some pop­corn.  What do you love to do on a rainy day?  Tell us here... read more

What’s On Your Food Bucket List

Lifestyle   What’s on your food bucket list?  Have you always wanted to try caviar?  You long to dine at Spago?  You have a favorite celebrity chef you want to make you... read more

What Would You Do: Proper Park Protocol

Lifestyle What would you do?  Liza was in Yel­low­stone National Park when she saw a man scratch­ing his ini­tials into a rock on a pop­u­lar trail.  She was instantly upset and... read more

What Would You Do: Breaking A Strangers Stuff

Lifestyle   What would you do?  A stranger handed Mike her iPhone while they were chat­ting pool­side, on his vaca­tion.  He dropped it and it shat­tered.  Find out what he did and... read more

What’s Hot For Back To School

Lifestyle   What’s hot for back to school?  Some experts say denim is in dan­ger of going out of style.  Liza’s daugh­ter wants to buy drop crotch (Ham­mer) pants.  What are your... read more

Adopt A Duck — Make A Difference

Lifestyle   24th Annual Great Snake River Green­belt Duck Race August 9, 2014 Hosted by the Idaho Falls Rotary Club to ben­e­fit the Idaho Falls, ID Snake River... read more

Before Summer Ends

Lifestyle   What do you need to do before sum­mer ends?  School sup­plies are in stores…the count­down has begun.  Before we know it the days will be shorter and the nights a... read more
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