Giving back blood

East Idaho Home & Garden Show

Don’t miss the East Idaho Home & Garden Show set for March 13 & 14 , 2015 at Kingston Plaza in Idaho Falls. Show runs Friday (noon to 9 p.m.) and Saturday (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Classy 97's Teacher Feature

Is there a teacher that has had a positive impact on you or one of your children? Click here to nominate them for the Classy 97 Teacher Feature!

Click here to see past Teacher Feature Winners!

Donut Feel Good

Enter to win 3 dozen donuts for your office. Delivered by Amy Taylor this Friday, provided by Baker's Dozen.

Give Blood

Mike & Liza have personally donated over 3 gallons of blood to the Red Cross. Find out how to help.

I’d Never Date Someone Who…

Lifestyle   What’s your dat­ing deal­breaker? says 58% of their respon­dents say they would never date a smoker.  What about you…what’s your dat­ing deal­breaker?  Tell us here and 6:45 tomor­row morning.   read more

MLK Day …A Day Of Service

Lifestyle MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015 On MLK Day, Amer­i­cans across the coun­try come together for a day of ser­vice, pick­ing up the baton handed to us by past gen­er­a­tions and... read more

Good-bye Big Red Cup

Lifestyle In Mem­o­rium 2002–14 Coca Colas Big Red cup, which called the Amer­i­can Idols judges for more than a decade has passed away. The part­ner­ship between Idol and the soft drink com­pany... read more

What Movies Will You See

Lifestyle   What Acad­emy Award nom­i­nated movies do you want to see?  Liza watched Fox­catcher (meh) and Mike says he’s going to watch Boy­hood.  Have you seen any of these nom­i­nated films?... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: He Thought He Had Christmas All Sewn Up

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, I gave my wife a sewing machine for Christ­mas.  Appar­ently it’s the worst gift EVER!  She loves to sew.  She has had the same sewing... read more

New Year.…Make A Vision Board

Lifestyle Cre­at­ing a vision board is prob­a­bly one of the most valu­able visu­al­iza­tion tools avail­able to you. This pow­er­ful tool serves as your image of the future — a tan­gi­ble rep­re­sen­ta­tion... read more

How Do You Handle Bad Grades

Lifestyle What’s your pun­ish­ment for bad grades? Nor­mally Liza likes to reward and encour­age, but right now, some pun­ish­ment needs to be admin­is­tered.  What do you do about bad grades in... read more

How Do Teens Read ?

Lifestyle In A recent sur­vey con­ducted by the Nielsen folks. It sug­gested that teens pre­fer books to “e-readers” Maybe there is hope after all. How Teens Read Books Dig­i­tal = 17% Print = 83 % How Teens... read more

How Do You Reduce Stress

Lifestyle   Experts say to reduce stress you should only check your email 3 times a day.  What do you do to reduce stress?  Share your stress relief tips with us here... read more

People In Your Life Who Are Making You Fat

Lifestyle Who makes it hard for you to lose weight?  Here’s a list of the peo­ple in your life that could be mak­ing you fat.  Tell us who makes it hard... read more
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