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What’s The Worst Kind Of Sick

Lifestyle What’s the worst kind of sick?  Liza has a fever and says she’s still ok to work.  But if she gets a sore throat … that’s it!  Mike says the... read more

Is It Ok To Make Kids Wear A Fitness Tracker

Lifestyle Is it ok to make kids wear a fit­ness tracker?  With child­hood obe­sity at an all time high, some par­ents are ask­ing their kids to count their steps each day.... read more

Judge Quotes Taylor Swift in Lawsuit Dismissal

Lifestyle Recently Tay­lor Swift was being sued for some­thing ridicu­lous like 42 mil­lion dol­lars, the per­son claimed in the suit that Tay Tay stole the lyrics to “Shake It Off”… Well,... read more

Is This The End Of Tipping

Lifestyle One major restau­rant chain has put an end to tip­ping. Accord­ing to Restau­rant Busi­ness, servers’ wages will begin at $14 an hour and vary based on per­for­mance. No tip­ping is... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: New Man Means New Traditions

Lifestyle Dear Mike & Liza, My mother has remar­ried after the death of my father a few years ago. She’s cho­sen a won­der­ful man that my whole fam­ily adores. But he... read more

Coloring Books For Adults: Do You Want One

Lifestyle Cray­ola has announced they will make some col­or­ing books for grown ups.  These are expected to be very pop­u­lar this Christ­mas.  Would you want one?  Mike says no adults have... read more

Do You Sell Your Stuff Online

Lifestyle Do you make money sell­ing your stuff online? We just heard about a woman who made half a mil­lion dol­lars sell­ing clothes with an app.  And Liza’s mom is clean­ing... read more

How Do You Answer These Questions

Lifestyle If you’ve applied for a job recently you’re famil­iar with the per­son­al­ity test you have to take.  How would you answer some of these ques­tions?  And have you seen any... read more

Who Have You Reconnected With Because Of Social Media

Lifestyle Who have you recon­nected with because of social media?  Isn’t it fun to talk to old friends from the past?  We used to send one Christ­mas update a year, and... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Homework Help Or Handicap

Lifestyle Dear Mike and Liza, Our son is in fifth grade. After he fin­ishes his math home­work, I check his work and if I spot errors, I have him iden­tify the mis­take... read more
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