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East Idaho Harvestfest and Outdoor Expo

Hunting – Fishing – RVing – ATVs – Boating – Camping Just About Anything You Can Do in the Great Outdoors!


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Is OBO An Obligation

Lifestyle   Is “OBO” a con­tract?  If you’re sell­ing some­thing for $500 OBO, and only 1 per­son makes an offer (Let’s say it’s $1) are you oblig­ated to accept that offer? read more

Do You Have The Biggest Family Reunion

Lifestyle   How big is your fam­ily reunion?  We met a man who said there were 240 peo­ple at his this year.  Wow!  That’s a big fam­ily.  Can you beat 240, tell... read more

Video Games That Won’t Rot Their Brains

Lifestyle   Do your kids play a lot of video games in the sum­mer?  What video games do you allow in your home? Here are 5 video games that won’t rot their brains... read more

Mike & Liza’s Marriage Ref: No Kids…Now What

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, Our last child just grad­u­ated from High School (Whoop Whoop) I am ready to party!  My hus­band is ready to relax.  We had our chil­dren when we... read more

The Ultimate Summer Reading List

Lifestyle   What’s on your Sum­mer read­ing list?  We’re look­ing for the best books for kids and adults.  What will you be read­ing this sum­mer?  Tell us here and 6:15 tomor­row morning. read more

Why Is There A Last Week Of School

Lifestyle   Why is there a last week of school?  Isn’t it all just par­ties and field trips and movies? What does the last week of school look like for... read more

Free Lunch For Your Kids This Summer

Lifestyle Want to enjoy a pic­nic in the park this sum­mer and get free lunch for your kids? Idaho’s Sum­mer Food Ser­vice Pro­gram spon­sors increase the num­ber of meals served to chil­dren... read more

Is There An Artist, Band, Or Musician That You Would Love To See Live In Concert ?

Lifestyle When I was Old Enough To Put A Record (45 rpm) On Dads’ Turntable, I Lis­tened To The Bea­t­les, Then Became A Fan Of  Paul McCart­ney and Wings. I Soaked... read more

Your Vacation Disaster Story

Lifestyle   Have you ever had a dis­as­trous vaca­tion? Mike is about to go to Dis­ney­land with his entire, extended fam­ily.  Liza thinks this sounds like a dis­as­ter in the mak­ing.  Share... read more

What Are Your Summer Vacation Plans

Lifestyle   What are your sum­mer vaca­tion plans?  Camping…the beach…a theme park?  Tell us your sum­mer vaca­tion plans here and 6:45 Mon­day morning. read more
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