Giving back blood

East Idaho Kid's Fair

The East Idaho Kid’s Fair is two full days of hands on fun and entertainment for your kid’s, and a little inspiration, and some great deals for you. This event features two live stages with non-stop performing.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 4th - Tautphaus Park Lilac Circle.

Classy Cash High Low

Classy Cash High Low - Guess It, Win It.

Classy 97's Teacher Feature

Is there a teacher that has had a positive impact on you or one of your children? Click here to nominate them for the Classy 97 Teacher Feature!

Click here to see past Teacher Feature Winners!

Is It Donut or Doughnut ?

Lifestyle WHAT’S THE TROUBLE? “Donut” is a sim­pli­fied vari­ant of “doughnut.” A dough­nut is lit­er­ally a nut (ball) of dough. Accord­ing to the Oxford Eng­lish Dic­tio­nary, the name was first... read more

What Makes A Man Instantly Hot (Guys…You Might Want To Read This)

Lifestyle   What makes your man instantly hot?  One minute he looks per­fectly nor­mal, the next…Whoa! Who’s the hunk?  Ladies, tell us what makes your man instantly more attrac­tive.  Add to our... read more

Harper Lee Will Publish New Book

Lifestyle Recently dis­cov­ered novel by Harper Lee is to be pub­lished in July, her first since her acclaimed “To Kill a Mock­ing­bird” was pub­lished in 1960. Pub­lisher Harper announced Tues­day that it had... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Proposal Problem

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, I think my boyfriend is going to pro­pose on Valentine’s Day and I don’t want him to.  He’s been act­ing weird and mak­ing some secret plans with... read more

Drive The Yellow Brick Road with Elton John

Lifestyle Ride In Style, in One Of Elton Johns Bent­leys . For Sale. Elton Johns’ 1975 Bent­ley con­vert­ible, is one of the high­lights at the upcom­ing Bon­hams Col­lec­tors’ Motor Cars sale,On June... read more

This App Could Save Your Marriage

Lifestyle   Do you and your love have an app that helps strengthen your mar­riage?  Some cou­ples play games together.  Some stay con­nected with SnapChat.  This mobile game says it might be... read more

You Won’t Believe These Tax Deductions

Lifestyle Burn­ing Down the House A Break­ing Bad wannabe pur­chased a build­ing that had been used by a reli­gious sect and turned it into a drug lab. Unfor­tu­nately for him, a hot plate... read more

You Cant Handle the Truth.….brrrrr.

Lifestyle Punx­sutawney Phil, the world’s most beloved and furry sea­sonal prog­nos­ti­ca­tor, saw his shadow on Mon­day morn­ing (despite over­cast skies), por­tend­ing six more weeks of win­ter. The groundhog’s pred­i­ca­tion came around 7:25... read more

Best Super Bowl Commercial Of 2015

Lifestyle What will be the best Super Bowl com­mer­cial this year?  Tell us your favorites here and 6:45 Mon­day morning. But before a new wave of ads takes over the Inter­net, we... read more

Happy 30th “We Are The World”

Lifestyle The all-star record­ing ses­sion for We Are the World, the biggest char­ity sin­gle of all time, took place 30 years ago yesterday. On Jan. 28, 1985, at A&M Record­ing Stu­dios... read more
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