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Let It Snow” Or “No! No! No!”

Lifestyle Snow is falling in East Idaho.  We all know Liza loves it, but how do you feel about the snow?  Do you sing Let It Snow or do you shout... read more

Taylor Swift Sued!

Lifestyle So Tay­lor Swift is being sued for allegedly steal­ing lyrics for her song “Shake It Off”, the guy is a hip hop artist and is claim­ing she ripped off his... read more

Should November 1st Be The New “Black Friday”

Lifestyle Should Novem­ber 1st be the new Black Fri­day?  Sev­eral big box retail­ers are offer­ing their Black Fri­day deals right now.  Do you think Novem­ber 1st should be the new Black... read more

Where Will You Go During The Zombie Apocalypse

Lifestyle Where will you go dur­ing the Zom­bie Apocalypse? If you want to sur­vive a zom­bie attack in the U.S., your best bet is to flee to Boston. Mean­while, New York­ers are... read more

Do You Dress Your Pets In Halloween Costumes

Lifestyle Do you dress your pets in Hal­loween cos­tumes?  Some peo­ple dress up their pets so much, they even have their own social media accounts.  If you dress your pets in... read more

Have You Guys Heard OF Superbrain Yoga?

Lifestyle I just watched a faci­nat­ing video if grownups and chil­dren alike doing this tech­nique… it was pretty amaz­ing, it helps kids with Autism and behav­ioral prob­lems focus. It even helps... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: He’s “Cheating” On Her At The C-Store

Lifestyle Dear Mike & Liza, I pack my husband’s lunch every day and I include some healthy snacks for him to enjoy through­out the day. I just noticed a daily charge on... read more

Favorite Halloween Movie

Lifestyle What’s your favorite scary Hal­loween movie?  We just found a list of 20 PG-13 Movies That Might Actu­ally Scare You.  Liza says they’re all way too scary.  What’s your... read more

What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Lifestyle What’s your favorite Hal­loween candy? To be hon­est, Liza likes those peanut but­ter taffy’s (she’s the only one).  Mike is all about the Kit Kat/Butterfinger/Three Musketeers/Peanut M&M’s. Tell us your... read more

Is It Alright To Travel To Trick-Or-Treat

Lifestyle Is it ok to take your kids trick-or-treating in a ritzier neigh­bor­hood? Mike says it’s fine – Liza says she doesn’t get enough trick-or-treaters in her “reg­u­lar peo­ple” neigh­bor­hood.  Do... read more
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