Giving back blood

Win $25 from Red Robin

For a great value on dinner the whole family will enjoy, come into Red Robin for a Tavern Double Burger and Bottomless Steak Fries starting at just $6.99!

Classy 97's Teacher Feature

Is there a teacher that has had a positive impact on you or one of your children? Click here to nominate them for the Classy 97 Teacher Feature!

Donut Feel Good

Enter to win 3 dozen donuts for your office. Delivered by Amy Taylor this Friday, provided by Baker's Dozen.

Give Blood

Mike & Liza have personally donated over 3 gallons of blood to the Red Cross. Find out how to help.

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Will Mom Be Offended

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, I want to give my Mother-In-Law a weekly clean­ing ser­vice for Christ­mas but my hus­band says his mom will be offended.  I’m not say­ing she has... read more

Great, Now That Song Is Stuck In My Head

Lifestyle Look­ing Over A Recent Poll Of Most pop­u­lar Songs That Seem To Get Stuck “In Stereo” Between Your Ears~ Scott The Top Five Were: 1. Call Me Maybe ~ Car­lie Rae Jepe­sen 2. Party In... read more

What’s Your Specialty

Lifestyle Have a recipe that the whole fam­ily loves? Share it with all of East Idaho in the 2014 Classy Cook­book.  The dead­line is this Fri­day, so sub­mit your recipe now here. read more

Staying Away From The Madness This Black Friday ?

Lifestyle We are inside the Fall March to The Thanks­giv­ing Holidays….In recent years, the Black Fri­day craze has inched fur­ther and fur­ther into Thanks­giv­ing. Some stores are open­ing as early as... read more

When Do You Do Your Christmas Shopping

Lifestyle When do you do your Christ­mas shop­ping? Are you one of those peo­ple that is already done shop­ping or do you wait for Black Fri­day?  Tell us when you do... read more

Why Do Ballerinas Stand On Their Toes ?

Lifestyle To Be Hon­est, I’ve Never Attended A Bal­let, No Swan Lake or Even The Nutcracker.……No bet­ter Time Than the Present. I Have Always Been Amazed At The Mag­i­cal Weight­less Moves... read more

Halloween Weekend Contest

Lifestyle   How many Elsas did you get at your door?  Keep track of trick or treaters dressed as Elsa,  and Mon­day morn­ing we’ll give a prize to the per­son who had... read more

Idaho Drive– In Is Represented In National Magazine

Lifestyle Recently Men­tal Floss Mag­a­zine Named the Top Drive In in The USA and The Spud Drive In Was Included.… The Spud Drive-In The­ater is a drive-in the­ater between Vic­tor and... read more

How Do You Hand Out Candy

Lifestyle Do you hand trick or treaters their candy, or do you let them grab it them­selves? How will you hand out candy at your house?  Tell us at here and 6:45... read more

And Beano Was Her Name, Oh ?

Lifestyle The Game We Know As “BINGO” Started Out As “Beano”. The his­tory of the game dates back to the mid-1500s. “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia,” or the Ital­ian Lot­tery, was... read more
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