Giving back blood

Classy Cash High Low

Guess The Amount. Listen for your turn to play Classy Cash High Low. Caller 7 wins $100 instantly. Plus, if you guess the amount in the Classy Cash High Low Jackpot, you win it all.

The Classy 97 Easter Egg Hunt

Tautphaus Park, Idaho Falls Saturday April 19th. Starts at 10am sharp.

Get your Kids Fair Photos!

Click to see SpongeBob, The Fairly OddParents, and the Bullride Pictures from the East Idaho Kid's Fair!

15th Annual Second Chance Prom

Make plans to join us for the 15th Annual Sec­ond Chance Prom Sat­ur­day, May 31, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. at Hill­crest High School in Ammon, Idaho. It’s the largest dance in East Idaho, a mag­i­cal evening of danc­ing and fun to music old and new.  Dress in for­mal or semi-formal attire and escort the real […]

Mike & Liza’s Marriage Ref: Skipping Out On Church

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, Over the past few months, slowly but surely, my hus­band has stopped com­ing to church.  At... read more

Gwen At 14

Lifestyle Besides weight, what other sub­jects do celebri­ties have to be care­ful talk­ing about?  Gwen Ste­fani referred to her­self as “chunky”... read more

What’s Your Best Tax Tip

Lifestyle What’s your best tax tip? Here are some things the experts say could cost you money when fil­ing your taxes.... read more

Should The Speed Limit Be Raised

Lifestyle   Should the speed limit be raised? Sen. Bart Davis of, Idaho Falls, is intro­duc­ing a bill Tues­day that would... read more

Son Surprises Mom With Tickets

Lifestyle   What’s the nicest thing a fam­ily mem­ber has ever done for you?  Here’s how to be a good son:... read more

Favorite Hair Band Song Of The 80’s

Lifestyle What’s your favorite “Hair Band” song of the 80’s? After 30 years, Mot­ley Crue has announced they will do one final... read more

Time Spent On Facebook

Lifestyle Ever won­der how much time you spend/waste on Face­book?  If you’re curi­ous, click here for the app to find out.... read more

Mike & Liza’s Marriage Ref: Tussle Over Toothpaste

Lifestyle Dear Mike & Liza, My wife bought a new kind of tooth­paste and I hate it.  I want to throw it... read more

The Daily Table

Lifestyle Would you shop at a gro­cery store that only sold expired food?  The “Daily Table”  is a new gro­cery store... read more

What Date Did Your Man Forget

Lifestyle What impor­tant date did your man forget? Sci­ence has proven it.  Men are more for­get­ful than women.  Espe­cially when it... read more
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