Giving back blood

Trick or Treat Street

Safe, non-scary Halloween event for your children 8 years old and under. Come in costume and trick or treat the RV’s decorated by local businesses lining Pier View Drive.


Give your opinion on what we play.

The 2014 Classy 97 Cookbook

Share your recipe with us and you could make it into our 2014 Classy 97 Cookbook.

KLCE For The Cure

As one of the most prolific and frequently diagnosed diseases in North America, breast cancer is something every woman should be aware off.

The Ultimate Summer Reading List

Lifestyle   What’s on your Sum­mer read­ing list?  We’re look­ing for the best books for kids and adults.  What will you be read­ing this sum­mer?  Tell us here and 6:15 tomor­row morning. read more

Why Is There A Last Week Of School

Lifestyle   Why is there a last week of school?  Isn’t it all just par­ties and field trips and movies? What does the last week of school look like for... read more

Free Lunch For Your Kids This Summer

Lifestyle Want to enjoy a pic­nic in the park this sum­mer and get free lunch for your kids? Idaho’s Sum­mer Food Ser­vice Pro­gram spon­sors increase the num­ber of meals served to chil­dren... read more

Is There An Artist, Band, Or Musician That You Would Love To See Live In Concert ?

Lifestyle When I was Old Enough To Put A Record (45 rpm) On Dads’ Turntable, I Lis­tened To The Bea­t­les, Then Became A Fan Of  Paul McCart­ney and Wings. I Soaked... read more

Your Vacation Disaster Story

Lifestyle   Have you ever had a dis­as­trous vaca­tion? Mike is about to go to Dis­ney­land with his entire, extended fam­ily.  Liza thinks this sounds like a dis­as­ter in the mak­ing.  Share... read more

What Are Your Summer Vacation Plans

Lifestyle   What are your sum­mer vaca­tion plans?  Camping…the beach…a theme park?  Tell us your sum­mer vaca­tion plans here and 6:45 Mon­day morning. read more

Best Advice For Grads

Lifestyle What’s the best piece of advice you would give grad­u­ates?  This Navy Seal says the key to chang­ing the world, is mak­ing your bed.  If you could only tell grad­u­ates... read more

Mike & Liza’s Marriage Ref: Does A Dog Belong At Work

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, My wife and I own a busi­ness together.  We’re in insur­ance.  Recently she started bring­ing our dog to work.  She even brought him a bed and... read more

Your First Summer Job

Lifestyle   What was your first Sum­mer job?  Kids are get­ting out of school and head­ing to work this Sum­mer.  In Idaho, kids can go to work when they’re as young as... read more

How Often Do You Wash Your Jeans

Lifestyle How often do you wash your jeans? The CEO of Levi’s Strauss says you shouldn’t wash your jeans.  In a recent inter­view, he revealed the jeans he was wear­ing,... read more
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