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East Idaho Adoption Event

If you’ve been think­ing about adding one more mem­ber to your fam­ily there will be an adop­tion event at the East Idaho Kid’s Fair.  All seven agen­cies will be in the same loca­tion.  Speak with rep­re­sen­ta­tives from SRAS,   Idaho Falls Ani­mal Shel­ter,  Upper Val­ley Ani­mal Shel­ter,  For The Ani­mals,  Pour Paws,  Bon­neville County Animal […]









Rescue Dog Saves Family

If you’ve ever had sec­ond thoughts about adopt­ing a dog from a shel­ter this story will change your mind.   This lit­tle husky-mix saved his new fam­ily by let­ting them know they had left the gas stove on.  Read the full story here.   Both dogs in my house are res­cues and some­times they seem to […]