Bob Barker was Right…

Dog with stethoscope on gardenI remem­ber watch­ing The Price is Right back when I was a child.  At the end of each episode, the show’s host, Bob Barker would remind his view­ing audi­ence to help com­bat pet over-population by hav­ing their pets spayed or neutered.  When you con­sider that some­where around 70,000 pup­pies and kit­tens are born every­day in the United States, and that many of those baby ani­mals are home­less, you start to see that maybe Bob Barker had a point.

Many home­less baby ani­mals will grow up to be nui­sance, and many oth­ers will end up dead.  It seems down­right cruel to con­sign those poor ani­mals to a mis­er­able exis­tence full of suf­fer­ing when it could have been avoided.  By sim­ply spay­ing or neu­ter­ing their ani­mals, pet own­ers could have pre­vented at least some of these sad sit­u­a­tions.  Other rea­sons to have your pet spayed or neutered include:

  • Health ben­e­fits of spay­ing or neu­ter­ing include a decrease in tes­tic­u­lar can­cer for male ani­mals, and a decrease in breast can­cer and repro­duc­tive tract issues for female animals.
  • Female ani­mals can’t go into heat, mean­ing less yowl­ing, whin­ing, and uri­nat­ing all over your home.
  • Male dogs won’t go roam­ing for per­spec­tive mates.  This means they are far less likely to get hit by cars, get in fights, or get killed by angry humans.
  • Your pets will get along bet­ter.  If they aren’t com­pet­ing for atten­tion from the oppo­site sex, they’re less likely to beat each other up.
  • Neu­ter­ing puts a stop to male cats spray­ing stinky urine all over their territory.
  • Ani­mals that have been “fixed” are less aggres­sive and less likely to bite.
  • It’s a good way to elim­i­nate some of the costs of own­ing a pet.  Pet own­ers won’t end up pay­ing for addi­tional mouths to feed when and bet­ter over­all pet health means lower costs down the road.
  • It makes pets more con­tent.  They can for­get about mat­ing, relax, and enjoy being part of their family.


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